Shift Focus From the Little Things

*Federal Budget Discussion Rant*

I’ve been watching for a while and the federal budget discussion is disgusting.  Fox News and MSNBC just keep feeding the rabid idiots with bad information. 

Unfortunately, the vast majority of people and the press are glomming onto line items that don’t matter.  For some reason the politicians have been able to successfully position this debate and make everyone believe that this is about “waste” or “excess” without addressing the reality – it is all broken and it is going to really really hurt to fix it. 

A harsh reality is that the “greatest generation” is to thank for building this country into what it is, and at the same time responsible for the core policies that have brought us to the precipice. 

I haven’t done a good political rant in a while so here is something I hope people start to realize. 


1. We can’t balance the federal budget without growth.  Period.  End of discussion.  No mathematician on earth can do it.  We need real growth, not this 1-2% nonsense.  You can’t legislate growth, no matter what politicians tell you.  This is something we all have to fix. 


2. We can’t “trim the fat” enough in the federal budget to get it back under control.  It is like believing that you can balance your household budget by cutting out toothpaste and going to cheaper toilet paper.  Both just make it miserable.


Ponder this, if we eliminated all foreign aide (less than 1%), all welfare (less than 6%), and the entire Department of Education (less than 4%) we would still be in the hole by about 7% or $245 billion dollars.  Stop worrying about the little things and endlessly going on with this incessant debate.  

Nearly 70% of the TOTAL federal budget goes to three categories; Defense, Medicare/Medicaid, and Social Security.  Defense is the sacred cow of the republican party, Social Security is the sacred cow of the Democrat Party, and no one wants to touch Medicare/Medicaid because seniors all vote.  We absolutely can not fix our long term issues without changing the way these three things are structured.  I don’t ever see that happening without major public pressure to do so. 

Right now there is none because we are all fixated on things like a militaristic shutdown of the National Parks and why we are sending money to Somalia…   


The solution for you and I is to stop voting people out of office that compromise.  We the people are to blame for ratcheting up the rhetoric.  Stop negatively labeling politicians as a “RHINO” or “Blue Dog Democrat.”  If there was ever a time in our history we needed some ugly ole fashion behind doors sausage making in Washington DC it is right now.  I’d trade some federal bill filled with horrible .00003% pork spending if it restructured Social Security and made it solvent for my generation.


*rant over*


Call me when the parks open back up.