A Culture of Surveillance

I watch the news and I read twitter. I love Flipbook. I’d consider myself up on current events. I’m blown away.

I’m scanning the headlines every day and cant help but wonder why more people aren’t people talking about our government monitoring your every move? This is scary. The implications are enormous. If you are part of the “I don’t have anything to hide crowd” you are naively justifying actions that you obviously don’t understand.

They are building a database on every person that eats and breathes. All in the name to “protect you.” Who watches the watchers? They are supposed to work for us after all. “In the name of National Security” shouldn’t be a Carte Blanche excuse to data mine everyone’s very existence.

I guess I shouldn’t be surprised based on what is popular on television. In a strange way did Reality TV pave the way for the societal acceptance of this?

We are quickly deteriorating into a society of surveillance.

This is the absolute top news story in every country but this one and this society of Americans… of “freedom loving people”… is far more concerned with what Katniss will wear in the Next Hunger Games.

Every click on Facebook builds a profile on you, but you choose to use the product. The government taking that data and aggregating it with your life doesn’t provide you with a choice. They are tracking your car at every stop light. They are following your check ins. Sure you aren’t a “target” today… but what if you were unfairly accused some day? What if the politics swing and you end up having a viewpoint that needs to be “watched?” It may seem like I’m wearing a tin foil hat, but its all out there now.

I am at my wits end with frustration with all that is happening. I am flummoxed with the fact that there isn’t outrage from people that should be clearly outraged based on their actual principals.

Instead, I watch as people tow a party line and defend a party and president that doesn’t deserve your support. This feigning love affair with Barak Obama has me utterly baffled. He can get on that podium and people just fall into line.

See… I was under the assumption that liberal people valued the right to choice, privacy, and personal freedom above all else. Oh and you republicans… you supported the Patriot Act in droves back in 2001. Doesn’t feel as good now that the shoe is on the other foot?

I somewhat understand. I used to be far more partisan and defend the wrong ideological decisions based on nothing more than lemming loyalty. Actions people. Watch the actions of those in power. Stop being sheep. Ignorance is not bliss.

We have to collectively stand up to try to stem the tide. This is just the beginning.


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