Finding Clarity in Pain

The last four years have been utterly brutal for me and many of my closest friends. I hope I never have to experience something like this again and I hope if you were lucky enough to escape relatively unscathed that you never face that reality.

I understand that those that were not hurt during this period don’t carry the same vehement hatred for those involved. I will not hide my disgust. I will not shut up. I’ve always been politically conscious, but never carried such anger into an election.

Don’t read it if you aren’t interested or if you want to just put your head in the sand. It doesn’t bother me one way or the other. And if you haven’t noticed I enjoy a good debate, so come prepared.

The rhetoric stings more true this period.  The words inside of the sentences are being noticed. I am listening close and watching actions. I am tired of this discussion about the birth certificate or some sort of class warfare worry about what offshore accounts someone has. It is beside the point.

I feel I am more globally aware than ever before. I also feel we are in way more trouble as a country and as a society than ever before. We have always had growth to pull us out of the shitter before and the hole has never ever been a fraction of this large. Little nitpicky political jib-jab just doesn’t raise my ire because believe it or not we are at the precipice of a global financial meltdown that will make 2007 look like a wet dream.

What would you do if our money collapsed?

It is something we take for granted at this point.  What would we all do?  Would society go back to the stone age – well no, but there isn’t a rule book to follow for this sort of thing.  The only example we really have for a global currency collapse is the Roman Empire.  Sure… things have changed and diversified a lot since then.

WHEN we can’t pay our debts any longer as a global economy a monetary collapse is precisely what we may be looking at.

Go ahead ignore what is occurring. 

Don’t tell me to put my head in the sand and tell me everything is going to be okay. Something big is going to happen within our lifetime. Our generation is going to have to face the reckoning of what has been sewed by 200+ years of politicians pushing the log down the river.

It seems the Democrats have made their decision – future issues be damned.  So while the choice is more clear it is also more cloudy.

I remember what the Republicans didn’t accomplish in Bush’s second term.  I also remember things like the Patriot Act and them embarking on a spending spree of epic proportions between 2004-2006.  I also really don’t know what anyone can do about the coming storm.

There are some Republicans like Ron Paul and Paul Ryan that understand the real meat that needs to be shed.  Most think we can trim around the edges, but anyone that has ever had a budget problem will tell you if 65% of your budget goes to three categories you won’t make much progress without addressing those three items.

Department of Defense
Health and Human Services
Social Security Adminstration

Both parties seem focused on their own favorite institutions.  Well with a collapsing dollar those institutions won’t be there anyway if we don’t do something.



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